What Is Family Scouting?


Beginning in February, 2018, Cub Scouting adopted a Family Scouting model, welcoming boys and girls for full membership in the Cub Scouts. Each Cub Scout Pack can choose to welcome only boys, only girls, or boys and girls.  In the Family Scouting model, Pack 22 accepts boys and girls.

Under BSA policy, in Packs involving boys and girls, like Pack 22, will remain in single gender dens.  Dens are smaller groups within Packs where the Scouts work on rank advancement. Pack 22 has girls dens and boys dens.

Cub Scouts has always been a family-friendly activity.  Siblings have always been welcome at meetings. Under Family Scouting, parents can bring all children, boys and girls, to participate in full activities.  We recently completed our first overnight camping outing using the Family Scouting model, and it was no different than prior trips — sisters have always been welcome at family camping events.

Our experience shows that having a Family Scouting unit, coupled with boys and girls dens, serves two major purposes:

  1. Girls and boys develop a healthy respect for one another working as peers at an early stage of development, which will help lead to healthy, respectful interactions as they grow older.
  2. Single-gender dens allow boys and girls an opportunity to learn small-group leadership skills in a single-gender environment focusing on their interests.

Cub Scouting has the exact same advancement requirements for boys and girls; therefore, there is no difference in expectation, related to gender.  That said, single gender dens allow leaders to craft activities to the unique interests and needs of boys and girls.